Friday, May 11, 2012

Zuckerberg: Peace Fools.

Mark Zuckerberg is kind of like George Washington. If you think about it, George Washington did amazing things in his lifetime. He really hit the big ones: Had a house, wife, family, business.  Then he started a country. Decided what kind of government should operate that country. Oh yeah.  Then he just made himself a General. And he won wars. (disclaimer- this is not a commentary on war, government, or anything that follows in this news report).   Then he went back to business in the end I think.  His last days he worked at the Minimarket where it all started:  G's Stop 'n Go.

(News report new Paragraph) So yeah Mark Zuckerberg is like GW.  Now he's got his country and he's taking it to Wall Street and the old school of Wall Street is like you better come hang with us if you want our money. And Mark is like no way. You guys are boring and this is new school suckas.  And he probably denied a friend request or two (lame fb joke). And then the old school gents are all that wasn't smart that he didn't show up if he wants our money I can't get a feel for the guy. But yeah it's a great investment I'm gonna buy a bzillion shares.  Its like MZ is in the middle of a war!

(New news paragraph) See how much like GW that is?  Only it's modern. Our generation just wants things to be cool, with amazing interface or HTML and cool apps and its good for the environment and Dre wearing a cool mask while DJ'ing over a frosty DP.  But otherwise we are over the king and the country a million miles a way that wants us to pay for stamps.  Mark, get on the bow of this boat. And put your foot up on the rail real cool like. We are gonna cross a river.

On second thought (and yes I'll rob myself of that epic-ly dramatic close in the last paragraph but I'll use a small font) Dre is a lot like GW.  Dre's probably cooler than Mark Z.  And he's got the initials before his name.  I don't think Mark Z even has his MBA.  Mark Z hasn't really worked that hard, in my opinion, to get to where he is. (Just an opinion, and it has no place in the news)  So BVC will just throw it out there to you, the reader, because that's our first priority.  Have you thought about GW lately?  Have you thought about how amazing he was?  Who do you want to compare him to?  Cool.  Keep it to yourself.  Its more meaningful that way.  

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Rest in Peace MCA

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Reading Buzz Bissinger's op ed in wsj (your all's favorite) where he appeals to "ban" college football got me a thinking. So I'm applying the AED to bullvscock here and hitting the 'shock' button. Ready?

We would be getting ahead of ourselves if we were to take such a drastic step with things as they are now. Here's my list (nothing is final, though) of things that should happen in order to transition more seamlessly into a reality where college football is banned. Keep in mind I dislike college football as much as any rational individual. But I question "bans" and the powers that would enforce such a thing. So here's my list of appropriate predecessors:

1) every movie stars Will Smith. From here on out. Quality of life would inevitably improve.
2) cars should fly
3) everyone takes the same supplements every morning - MSM? Fish oil? Some mind eraser? Whatever. Everyone get on the same page.
4) all countries on one currency
5) ban Barney because he's unrealistic and gives kids the wrong idea
6) hire a robot president
7) outlaw forks and knives because they are sharp, spoons are all people own
8) water bottles made of giggles
9) no more doorknobs. Every door on earth is automated.
10) Biff gets rich at the track, buys a hotel/casino, becomes mayor, buys the town.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


BVC gets your creative juices flowing!!!!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


In 1983's "10 to Midnight," Charles Bronson plays a cop hunting a killer who commits his crimes sans clothes on. His victims are about a dozen beautiful young women.

As the film comes to a climactic end, Bronson has the bloodied, nude young man staring down the barrel of his pistol. Bronson then says the only thing there is to say at that point:

"All those girls.."

And when the killer says that he's gonna plead insanity when it goes to court and that they can punish him but that he'll be back, Bronson again says all that is to be said.

"No you won't..."

I won't ruin the ending. But it is a SATISFYING movie to watch....

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

BVC Weekend Edition Preview

President Obama's mock draft.
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